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The Bowron Lakes

British Columbia's Wilderness Canoe Circuit

By Chris Harris

Chris has paddled the circuit over 100 times. The book represents 35 years of passion for both the wilderness and the twin artistries of paddling and photography. Contributions by Jim Boyde, Syd Cannings, and Sandy Phillips detail  the natural and cultural history of the region. The book is a BC Best Seller, and is accompanied by a companion guide book titled The Bowron Lakes: A Guide to Paddling British Columbia's Wilderness Canoe Circuit.

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Spirit in the Grass

The Cariboo Chilcotin's Forgotten Landscape       SOLD OUT

By Chris Harris

Nominated for two BC Book Prizes, this book was created in cooperation with the Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia with major contributions by Kristi Iverson, Ordell Steen and Harold Rhenisch. The Cariboo Chilcotin grasslands are one of the ecological wonders of the world and British Columbia's most endangered ecosystem. The goal of this book is to help us appreciate the value of Beauty, Biodiversity, Intact landscapes, & our Cultural history. 


British Columbia's Volcanic Plateau

By Chris Harris & Harold Rhenisch

Researched and written by Harold Rhenisch, verified by scientific consultant, Dr. Mary Lou Bevier, and photographed by Chris Harris, this book is inspirational, highly informative, and stunningly beautiful. In describing the origins of the volcanic Cariboo Chilcotin Plateau, Motherstone provides us all with a deeper understanding of our Planet and the realization of how privileged we are to live in a province of such ecological richness.

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British Columbia's Cariboo Chilcotin Coast
An Aviation Legacy

By Chris Harris & Sage Birchwater

The aviation history of the Cariboo Chilcotin is rich  and colourful, with float planes coming first, followed by wheeled planes and helicopters.
Harris and Birchwater take you on an aerial journey, told visually through Harris' impeccable lens and with Birchwater's story-telling prowess to draw on the memories and experiences of both bush-pilot pioneers and new generation industry, search and rescue and recreational flyers.
When Harris turns his artist's eye to the land from above, we are shown Nature as Art in a way we never have before.


Next Project
The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

British Columbia's Land Without Limits

By Chris Harris

This will be the largest and most significant book project ever undertaken by Chris as both a photographer and publisher, in cooperation with the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association and all its stakeholders.
In working closely with sustainable, conservationist land users in the hospitality and travel sector, Country Light Publishing is committed to publications that bring hope, inspiration, enlightenment and beauty; that are part of the solution for a healthy and vibrant region. This project will explore the origins and values of the 4 major eco-areas; the Interior Ancient Rainforest; the Canyon-Grasslands; the Chilcotin Ark; the Coastal Great Bear Rainforest; and the interdependence of land, people, and biodiversity.

Using the context of how rivers and streams define our way of being in the land, and seeing how our watersheds are the the defining feature of those major ecosystems, we will draw lines of connection with food sovereignty and give meaning to the concept of 'a sense of place'.

To describe this sense of place there are two terms we can refer to.

Topophilia or human geography as written about by and described by Yi-Fu Tuan, is translated as 'love of place'

Terraphilia is a word coined by artists Richard Cabe and Susan Tweit to describe the motivation behind their work; an intrinsic affection for and connection to the Earth and its community of lives. Without this connection we are lonely, lacking, no longer whole.

The core purpose of this book is, once again, to substantially contribute to the body of knowledge of this region, to value an intact landscape, and rebuild our sense of place looking beyond short-term economics.

It is our mission to reconnect our human experience with the sacredness of the Earth that sustains us so generously and unfailingly, and in that connection find our way back to wholesome living.

For this final major work by Chris Harris, he has created the most stunning imagery of a long and stunning career, and has the collaboration of some of the brightest minds of our time and place, in science, art and culture.


A Message From Chris Harris


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With a vitality for life, and a remembrance of the sacred in beauty, photography is my way of inspiring an ethic of respect for the generous Planet that is our sustenance, and our first beauty.

My photographs, along with a series of publications, are being presented as a personal legacy to the world; a contribution toward a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of British Columbia, Canada.


Chris Harris is a genius combination of artist, creator of optimum images, naturalist, poet in the pictorial sense, and perhaps one of the world's best technical photographers. He is a gem in Canada's crown and has a kind of mystical blessing in his mission of protecting the best flora on the planet. I admire him tremendously.
J. Stewart Harvey, California
The Motherstone presentation was fabulous. It was an honour to be in Chris and Rita’s presence. They give new meaning to the word awe-some. Thank you.
Anita Dignan; Toronto, ON
As usual your newsletters and pictures are a "take one's breath away" experience. I am amazed at each new e-mail I receive. And it's always another "WOW". Your work is remarkable and I want to thank you so much for sharing your work with others. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this earlier but I have a special folder for your work. I refer back to it at different times.Thanks a million. One can see how much you enjoy what you're doing.
Joyce Serquinia, Auburn, WA
I have been reading the amazing account in The Motherstone book and I must tell you that I am experiencing a huge shift in my consciousness. As I read and digest the story and the visuals of your masterful photography I am "experiencing" this wondrous planet as a living, pulsing orb~ not as a brilliant concept ~ but deep in my soul.
June Polack, Vancouver, BC
Thank you for bringing The Motherstone into our living room! Chris, you truly are the cornerstone of the Cariboo Chilcotin and the Ansell Adams of British Columbia.
Lorrie & Bob, Green Lake, B.C.
Every time I receive your newsletter I am awed and inspired. Your images are remarkable. Getting your newsletter is like a spiritual experience.
Joan Loeken, WA


In the Field

There are people who have the best jobs in the world; I am one of them. Join me as I explore and photograph the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of Central British Columbia.